It is imperative that you read the document below before applying to determine if you meet our criteria. 

Each new tenancy requires an approved tenant and for the unit to be inspected prior to approval by Management.  The homeowner must contact the management office to coordinate inspection and to rectify any outstanding matters prior to tenant approval being issued.  Inspection can take up to 15 days.  It is the duty of the homeowner to notify the Association of his intent of leasing the property. Leases are only allowed for 12 months period.  Tenant application approval can take up to 30 days.

For tenancy renewals a new application is required to be submitted through Tenant Evaluation. The application code for lease renewals is 6839. 

Application Requirements:

If there are any extenuating circumstances that makes you temporarily unable to meet the above requirements, the committee may still consider your application if you can provide proof. 

All new tenants and renewing tenants must review and attest to reviewing all current governing documents at the time of application.  Submitting the application for Association approval to become a tenant means that you attest to reviewing and abiding by the documents.

New applicants can apply here:


Renewing tenants can apply here:


In order for new and renewing applicants to apply you would need to create an account on www.tenantev.com. Once the account is created you need a code for Aventura Isles. If you are a new applicant the code is 6177, if you are a renewing applicant the code is 6839. Please refer to the tutorial at the bottom of the page for any questions or concerns regarding how to fill out the application.

It is very important that you upload all the documents the application is requiring in order for the application to be processed. If application is incomplete it will be put on hold. Please keep in mind that the application will be solely based on www.tenantev.com.

If you would like to provide additional documentation (bank statements, pay stubs, letter of employment, etc.), please contact the office after the application has been closed on Tenant Evaluation.

Paying for the Tenant Evaluation "RUSH" fee does not imply the Tenant Committee will rush your application. Paying for this fee will result in the "Closing" of your application sooner from Tenant Evaluation, meaning your application background check will come back completed faster as well as the overall application. Keep in mind that the Tenant Committee has 30 days to get back to you regarding the denial or approval of your application.

Short-term leases are not permitted.  Sub-leases are not permitted.  Only approved tenants may stay at the unit.  Each and all individuals 18 years or older must be approved.  The Association approves twelve month leases only.  Tenants who seek to renew must be legal tenants already authorized to reside here.  The renewal looks at background checks, not credit, primarily.

Townhouses may only have space for up to two or three vehicles depending upon vehicle size.  Single family houses may have space for two to five vehicles depending upon vehicle size.  These calculations assume one vehicle is in the garage and the remainder are on the driveway or driveway swale of the residence.  This is not the Association’s responsibility to determine if a resident’s vehicles will fit at the unit of residence.  Know the property you are renting and ensure it fits your vehicular needs before applying.

Below are some important documents related to the Association.  Review them entirely as well as additional documents found on the Governing Documents, Additional HOA Documents, and Important Laws pages.

Master Declaration Conv and Restr TOWNS.pdf
Master Decl Aventura Isles - Recorded.pdf
No Trampolines Allowed.pdf
Live Sheet.pdf
Live Sheet - Renewals.pdf