All communications with the Association must be submitted through the Helpdesk system to initiate a response to a concern that you have.  Staff will respond according to the submission received.  

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Our office is located at 605 NE 193 St.  Access is limited to residents and individuals on the gate access list for the management office.  

Managers information:

Name: Monica Abreu
Phone: 786-565-9595 ext: 102
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Duties: Oversee the day-to-day operations, financials, and maintenance of common areas and all related aspects.

Management office phone number is 786.565.9595.  Remember to open a Helpdesk ticket before calling.
AKAM's emergency and after-hours phone number is 561-393-1107. 

To reach the guard house dial:  786.565.9595 ext: 301.
For assistance from security rover 786-773-4425.

For emergency assistance, please dial 911

Phone: 1.800.XFINITY

M&J Ecological
Phone: 305.697.2258
Handles nuisance animals (Iguanas, snakes etc)

Brown & Brown Insurance
For COI: visit Create a username and password.
Aventura Isles Master Homeowners Association 

Midtown Towing
15700 NE 7th Ave, Miami FL
Phone: 305.754.1450

Exclusive Protection - Home Alarm provided by Association

The Developer's warranty period ended at 1 year from the time of the original sale of the residence unit.  The Association is not connected to the Developer and does not service any form of warranty or repair.  You may contact the developer at:  305.542.4460 or

All governmental concerns need to be directed to the proper Government agency.  Remember, Management can only help with limited HOA matters.  See Government contacts below.

Crime concerns:

Contact your County Commissioner, Barbara Jordan, and express your concern about any crime.  Always contact your Commissioner for your concerns at 305.474.3011 and  Ms. Jordan is instrumental in ensuring that the Police in our area have necessary funding. 

Should you have concerns about the Police, contact them and express your concerns about matters. Email or call them to express concerns at or 305.940.9980.


You can contact the Miami Dade Police at 305.940.9980 to request what is called a "watch order" for your house address for short periods of time.  This would be for vacations, business trips, and so forth when your house is empty.  Do not make these requests if people will be staying at your house during this time.

School Issues:

If you are concerned about the speed and typical driving habits of bus drivers in our Community, please reach out to Miami-Dade School’s Dept. of Transportation if you are concerned about speeding buses. is the place to start.  You can contact the leadership for the particular bus route, listed on the side of the bus, via this webpage:

School zoning is a fascinating topic especially for those of us who bought our houses from the Developer.  No matter what we were told, only residents can effectuate change.  Specific contacts with respect to zoning should be directed to,,,, and Superintendent'  You may call as well to 305.995.1430.

Garbage Odors:

Contact Commissioner Jordan and Miami-Dade’s Solid Waste demanding a resolution to the repeated smells originating from their shop at 18701 NE 6th Ave, Miami, FL 33179.  Solid Waste can be reached at,,,,, and  You can call Solid Waste at 305.514.6666 and 305.514.6672.  Again, you must include Commissioner Jordan in such complaints at

Train Noise:

Noise on I-95 falls under the Federal Government and State Government.  However, the main noise issue we face is that of passing trains.  Train noise falls under the jurisdiction of the South Florida Rail Transit Authority (SFRTA) which operates the railroad tracks on behalf of the Florida Department of Transportation.

The Association was promised that a noise barrier wall would be erected during a 2019 project along I-95 because of excessive noise.  FDOT assured HOA Board that a community meeting would be held in the spring of 2018.  The Board followed up with FDOT numerous times throughout early 2018.  Inevitably, FDOT notified the Board that the project was cancelled and that there would be no such meeting.  FDOT pointed the Board to FDOT's rail administrator who in turn directed him to SFRTA.

On September 26, 2018, the SFRTA denied the request of the HOA Board to cancel the rule which requires every train blow its horn at all times.  The request was simple.  The rule was created by the previous owner, CSX, when there was a single track bridge at Snake Creek.  FDOT and SFRTA now have a two track bridge that also contains a pedestrian crossing platform.  

The Association's leadership encouraged residents to write directly to the governmental entities to demand relief on a recurring basis.  On January 22, 2020, SFRTA notified the Board that it has instituted special instructions to reduce the train noise adjacent to the Association.  The rule is effective as of 12:01 am on January 23, 2020.  

Send any concerns to SFRTA and FDOT local staff:,,,,,,,,,,