All prospective owners must go through this background check and the property must undergo an inspection as part of the estoppel process. The Seller must contact the management office to coordinate inspection and to rectify any outstanding matters. "All cleared" estoppel letters will only be issued upon approval of sale by the Association. The process can take up to 30 days. Ensure that your Seller has initiated the process for inspections and accounting reviews right away.  This is NOT the duty of the Association to initiate - it is the duty of the Seller.    

All prospective owners must review and attest to reviewing all current governing documents at the time of application.  Submitting the application for Association approval to become an owner means that you attest to reviewing and abiding by the documents.

The application can be found here:  www.tenantev.com/ 

In order for owner applicants to apply you would need to create an account on www.tenantev.com. Once the account is created you need a code for Aventura Isles. The code for Aventura Isles is 6177.  Please refer to the tutorial at the bottom of the page for any questions or concerns regarding how to fill out the application.

Tenants with a history of neglect of Association rules may not be approved by the Association to be a homeowner.  All tenants agree to abide by the governing documents.

Townhouses may only have space for up to two or three vehicles depending upon vehicle size.  Single family houses may have space for two to five vehicles depending upon vehicle size.  These calculations assume one vehicle is in the garage and the remainder are on the driveway or driveway swale of the residence.  This is not the Association’s responsibility to determine if a resident’s vehicles will fit at the unit of residence.  Know the property you are purchasing and ensure it fits your vehicular needs before applying.

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