Please find important documents below.  These documents are to serve as additional resources and do not replace the Governing Documents and the Miami-Dade Laws found provided on those respective pages.  

To access the Association's official records, please follow the following link. 

2024 ARC Form word-doc.pdf

ARC Form 

The ARC Form also available in the Rules, Procedures, and Information handbook.
For approved replacements please visit this page.

2024 ARC Form word-doc- Spanish.pdf

ARC Form (Spanish)

Pet Registration Form - Jan 2018.pdf

The Pet Registration Form also available in the Rules, Procedures, and Information handbook.

Police vs. Security Who to Contact FIRST.pdf

Document discussing when to call Police vs. Security.

Exclusive Protection - 2018 Letter.pdf

Information for the included Home Alarm System provided by the HOA to owners and authorized tenants.

new vendors.pdf

This is a list of recommended contractors that have worked for your fellow residents and the Association in some instances as well.  

The Association does not work with any recommended contractor, receive any compensation for the list, and does not guarantee any work.  This is between you and the contractor.

Developer Contractors.pdf

This is the list of contractors that the Developer hired for construction.

FastAccess Overview.pdf

FastAccess instructions for guest-entry barcodes

ABDI Website and Mobile Apps Brief HOWTO.pdf

GateAccess instructions for website and mobile apps.

DERM Notice Letter to Residents 120618 Final.pdf

DERM-required letter to all homeowners.

Townhouse owners:  to request certificates of insurance visit Create a username and password. Once you login, the association name is Aventura Isles Master Homeowners Association, Location is Florida, and on the next page click on Order Certificate.    

2024 HOA monthly Dues amount

Single-family homes monthly due amount: $555.00

Townhomes monthly due amount :$700.62