Pet Registration

All residents are required to register all pets in the household.  Pets include, but are not limited to, dogs, cats, and birds.

Pet Registration and Annual Update:  Pet Registration Form

It is the resident's responsibility to review the governing documents and the County law to ensure compliance.  The Association will not make exceptions to the mandatory pet requirements.

Absolutely no pit bulls or pit bull mixes are permitted.

Pet Registration Form Sep 2015.pdf

Click for an offline pet registration form.

Some of the rules governing pets are below.  You are responsible to review, know and comply with the bylaws and rules of the Community.

All pets that may be found outside, whether intentional or accidental, must be registered to include a photo, age, weight, breed, veterinarian information, and evidence of annual vaccinations.   Failure to comply will result in legal action to remove the offending pet.  Pet registration forms may be found in Attachment B.

There shall be no exception for the compliance of County ordinances governing pets within Aventura Isles.  All violations are subject to immediate legal action and the violations process.  This includes Miami Dade's Cruelty Law, Leash Law, Pooper Scooper Law, Pit Bull Law, and all other ordinances.  Bylaws 5.9, 6.22.  This includes, but is not limited to, an absolute ban on any dogs that resemble a pit bull no matter what the breed mix shall be.

6.22 of the bylaws states in part: “…cats and dogs, only 2 such pets if both weigh under 50 pounds, or one such pet if same weighs over 50 pounds, are permitted in any UNIT.”  “No dog shall be kept outside of a UNIT, or in any screened-in porch or patio, unless someone is present...”

All pets must be accompanied by their owner while outside the dwelling unit and be secured on a leash while outside the subject property’s boundaries.  No pets are permitted free range throughout the community.  Pets include, but are not limited to, dogs and cats.

No pets shall be permitted anywhere in the Management Office, Tot Lots, in or around the Pool, or on the common areas immediately adjacent to these facilities.

No pet shall be permitted to be fed outside and no food items shall be stored outside at any time.